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This is a brief sampling of some of the services for blind people outside the United States. It includes libraries, social service organizations, organizations of blind people themselves, schools and web sites. They were chosen to give a sense of the variety of organizations of and for the blind, and because most of the sites provide links to many other sources of interest to blind people around the world.

Nomura, Misako, and Mayu Yamada, eds. International Directory of Libraries for the Blind. 4th ed. Munich, Germany: K.G. Saur Verlag Gmbh., 2000. (IFLA Publications, 90). 252p. This resource covers not only libraries for the blind but also a wide range of other institutions serving blind readers, including braille transcription agencies, recording services, social service agencies and a wide variety of non-governmental agencies.

The RNIB has compiled a huge list of agencies serving the blind in scores of countries around the world.

Australia: Blind Citizens Australia.

Australia: North Rocks School for Blind Children (New South Wales).

Australia: Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind (Australia).

Bosnia: Sarajevo Blind School, a primary school for blind and partially-sighted children in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bulgaria: National library for the Blind "Louis Braille."

Canada: "The mission of Operation Eyesight Universal is to encourage, develop, and fund effective and sustainable blindness prevention and sight restoration programs directed to people in the greatest need. People are treated without regard to gender, caste, creed or religion."

Czech Republic: Czech Blind United.

Czech Republic: K.E. Macan Library and Printing House for the Blind (Prague).

Finland: Celia: Library for the Visually Impaired.

France: Association Nationale de Parents d'Enfants Aveugles ou gravement déficients visuels avec ou sans handicaps associés. Their site includes a list of French publishers of texts in accessible formats and their journal, "Comme les autres," is available on-line.

France: The Association Valentin Hauy provides training and employment services, cultural and leisure opportunities, news, clubs and library services at many locations in France.

France: BrailleNet is door onto the Web for people with visual handicaps. Links to news, books on-line, education and technology in French-speaking countries.

France: The English Language Library for the Blind, based in Paris, serves English-speaking blind and visually handicapped people living outside the Anglophone world.

France: Union Francophone des Aveugles [Includes a reference to a union catalog of French materials in accessible media.]

France: Fédération des Aveugles de France.

Germany: Deutscher Verein der Blinde und Sehbehinderten in Studium und Berufe. V. Their links to German and other world-wide sources are excellent.

Germany: Verein zur Förderung der Blindenbildung e.V

Germany: Verein zur Foerderung der Blindenbildung e.V.

India: ASHRAYA is a non-profit charity supplying talking books and other educational aids to schools for the blind in India.

Italy: A.S.P.H.I.: Association for the Development of Information Technology Systems for the Disabled (Italy): assists the blind, physically handicapped and deaf with computer training courses, research into adaptive software, information dissemination.

Japan: Iwan's Home Page has many links to Japanese and world-wide web resources for the blind, including organization and libraries; some of the Japanese sites have English versions too.

Japan: Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons With Disabilities is a pioneer in the development of the digital talking book.

Israel: The Central Library for the Blind.

Lithuania: Lithuanian Library for the Blind.

Luxembourg: Dots Under Fingers has links to blindness organizations in Germany, France and Luxembourg.

Netherlands: Bartimeus Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted

Netherlands: De Studie- en Vakbibliotheek (SVB).

Netherlands: Federation of Dutch Libraries for the Blind.

New Zealand: Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand.

Quebec: Institut Nazareth et Louis Braille (Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

Quebec: Le Typhlophile: Une vitrine virtuelle à l'intention des amis des aveugles. Numerous links to francophone sources.

Russian Library for the Blind (Moscow).

Scotland: The Making Connections Unit is a Scottish site offering help, resources and information for people interested in disabilities and who want to publish accessible information on the Web.

South Africa: Natal Society for the Blind.

South Africa: South African Blind Workers Organization: their newsletter, "The Braillorette," is available online (current issue and archives).

South Africa: Tape Aids for the Blind: produces recreational and educational reading for the blind.

Spain: ONCE [Spanish National Organisation of the Blind].

Sweden: Visually Handicapped National Association (SRF) (Sweden).

Switzerland: Schweizerischer Zentralverein für das Blindenwesen SZB: Dachorganisation des schweizerischen Sehbehindertenwesens.

Tibet: Project for the Blind: a school, vocational training center and braille production facility.

United Kingdom: The British Institute of Homeopathy has a number of blind students. See: "Homeopathic Education and Training for Visually Impaired People," by Trevor Cook.

United Kingdom: Dorton House School (Kent). [School for blind children.]

United Kingdom: National Library for the Blind in the UK is planning a searchable on-line catalog and downloadable Grade II braille files.

United Kingdom: Royal National Institute for the Blind.

Uruguay: the website of the Fundacion Braille del Uruguay contains photographs of Louis Braille's birthplace.

European Blind Union.

World Blind Union.

Eyeglass donations: several organizations collect and distribute eyeglasses to the poor of third-world countries.

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