A Newsletter of the Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped

(Winter 1998-9, Volume 16, Number 3)

"When You Set Your Mind to It..."

Damon Rose of London, England, who is blind, wonders why anyone thinks it's remarkable that he has directed his first television segment for the BBC. "I would argue as a blind person that it's easier to make TV than to watch TV," Rose said. The 27-year-old said he was a "huge addict" of television before he lost his sight at age 13. "I understand TV form, I understand how things are worked out. It's all there in my mind. And it's easy to turn that into TV making", he said in an interview with BBC radio. His first effort, a report about cars and the visually impaired, was broadcast on a magazine show, "From the Edge", produced by the BBC's disability unit. Rose is a trainee in the unit, which has about a dozen people with various disabilities, plus three facilitators who assist as eyes, ears, or hands as needed.


Beginning July 1, 1999, Braille readers who use the Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped will receive mail service from Salt Lake City, Utah. Wisconsin's Braille collection was dispersed in 1992, and since that time Wisconsin Braille readers have received service from the Illinois Regional Library in Chicago. The contract with Illinois expires June 30, 1999; it will be transferred to Utah on July 1, 1999. Wisconsin's 335 registered Braille readers will be receiving an informational Braille mailing with further details on the transition.

William Graczyk, Reader's Advisor at the Wisconsin Regional Library, has developed a webpage as an informational resource for Wisconsin's blind readers. This comprehensive site has many useful links to other sites, and holds a wealth of information for those unable to read normal print. The address is:

Tape Ministries NW has more than 600 Christian oriented books and other reading material on cassette tape to lend to the blind and visually impaired. All of the Library's lending is done by mail, free of charge. To request a large print or taped listing of the Library's selections, and for information on their lending policies, phone 206-243-7377, or write to: Tape Ministries NW, 122 SW 150th Street, Burien, WA 98166.

If you are looking for a source of accessible information about techniques visually impaired and blind people use to manage their lives, Blindskills, Inc. may helpful. "Dialogue: a World of Ideas for Visually Impaired People of All Ages," is a quarterly journal available in Braille, large print, IBM-compatible computer diskette, and 4-track audio-cassette. Written by blind and visually impaired authors, a sample copy of Dialogue may be obtained by phoning 1-800-860-4224, or visit their website at:

The Iowa Department of the Blind ASSIST programs offers free software tutorials on the internet through their website at:
Tutorials include WinVision Solo with Windows 3.1; Jaws for Windows 2.0; Window Bridge 2.3; and WinVision 97 with Windows 95.

Here are two short bibliographies of books to enjoy on those cold winter days:

"Mysteries About the Deaf"

Conant, Susan. Ruffly Speaking. This mystery centers on a hearing ear dog who begins behaving oddly after moving into a house that was a murder scene. RC 41444.
George, Elizabeth. For the Sake of Elena. Two British police detectives pursue the murderer of an Oxford professor's deaf daughter. RC 35935.
Livingston, Jack. A Piece of the Silence. Deaf P.I. Joe Binney tackles a case of murder. RC 18399.
McBain, Ed. Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man. The Deaf Man, a clever thief, taunts the 87th Precinct detective squad about a bank robbery he intends to commit. RD 06476.
Queen, Ellery. Drury Lane's Last Case. The deaf Shakespearean actor joins his policeman friend to solve the theft of a rare book. RC 29817.
Russell, Alan. No Sign of Murder. Hired to locate a missing deaf 19-year-old girl, Stuart Winters receives a clue from a gorilla who signs. RC 33253.
Steward, Dwight. The Acupuncture Murders. Trehane, a fat rare book dealer, in interested in trying acupuncture to overcome his deafness--but a demonstration results in a suspicious death. RC 8687.

And for February--Black History Month:

"African-American Historical Sagas"

Lee, Helen Elaine. The Serpent's Gift. The story of a fatherless Black family's tragedies and triumphs. RC 39295.
Myers, Walter Dean. Glory Field. The 250-year history of an African-American family, told in the voices of 6 teenagers. RC 40028.
Walker, Margaret. Jubilee. Fictional retelling of the life of the author's great-grandmother, from slavery through Reconstruction. RC 41543.
Wideman, John Edgar. Damballah: Homewood Trilogy;1. This collection of short stories follows the family of Sybela Owens from the first days of Homewood, Pittsburgh's black ghetto . RC 36472.


Both creative and technical writing can be very fulfilling hobbies or lucrative careers. Many Internet sites are now providing valuable resources to aid writers in finding the information they need to pursue their endeavors.

NWU Online Resources for Writers
The National Writers Union (NWU) is a trade union for professional writers. This site contains many useful links for writers, including:

Inkspot [link no longer active, December 2002]
This online resource for writers is full of tips on improving writing, helpful articles, interviews with professional authors and editors, market information, and networking opportunities.
Also available is the full text of "Inklings," a free, biweekly newsletter for writers of all ages and experience. It contains articles, interviews, resources, and how-to tips in a style that's handy and readable.

Writer's Resource Center
This site contains a vast array of resources on topics for writers including:

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