A Newsletter of the Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped

(Spring 2002, Volume 19, Number 4)

National Expansion of NFB-NEWSLINEŽ Audio Newspaper Service for the Blind and Visually Impaired

National Federation of the Blind NEWSLINEŽ, the toll-free service that uses synthesized speech to deliver an audio version of newspaper text through the telephone to those who are blind or visually impaired, now is available anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico as of March 1, 2002.

Along with the expansion to nationwide coverage, NFB-NEWSLINEŽ is centralizing the service to their headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, with one toll-free number to access the service: 1-888-882-1629. Previously, the service was only available in certain states that had sponsored the service and readers could only listen to the newspapers sponsored by their local centers. With this expansion they will now have access to over 50 daily newspapers--thanks to a $4 million federal grant.

This new system will incorporate a means for rapid, online registration of users. Sponsors working in local areas will now be able to easily register prospective NFB-NEWSLINEŽ users.

"No special skills or equipment are needed to use the National Federation of the Blind NEWSLINEŽ system," said Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of the Blind. "To access the NFB-NEWSLINEŽ service one only needs a touch-tone telephone."

This service is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The synthesized speech allows NFB-NEWSLINEŽ to offer such features as: advance one article, go back one article, advance a sentence, go back a sentence, slow down the voice, change the voice tone, spell a word or phrase, search for a specific word, and more.

To request an application, contact the Wisconsin Regional Library at (800) 242-8822 or the National Federation of the Blind at (410) 659-9314. Applications and other information are also available at the NFB Web site, www.nfb.org. For a large print copy of the new NFB-NEWSLINEŽ directions, contact the Regional Library; for further information or concerns about the NFB-NEWSLINEŽ service, contact Ms. Peggy Chong, NFB-NEWSLINEŽ Program Manager, (410) 659-9314, extension 356.


Library Service Alert!

During the remaining months of 2002, major changes will be taking place at the Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped which will impact library service. During or just after the week of May 28-31 the library's circulation system will be shut down to transfer all data to our new computer system. While this is going on, books cannot be checked out. We urge all of our patrons to order sufficient reading materials now to cover this gap. Then, during the month of June, the new system will be in test mode, so we ask your patience with any service delays.

Beginning July 1, 2002, the Milwaukee Public Library (which houses the Wisconsin Regional Library) will be remodeling the entrance on Wells Street. All visitors to the Wisconsin Regional Library will need to enter on 8th Street, proceeding along the corridor past the elevator to the double wooden doors on the right. Visitors will turn right through those doors, and walk under the building to reach the Regional Library. A telephone will be located next to the elevator for visitors needing help. For those visitors who need to be picked up afterwards, a bench will be placed inside the 8th Street entrance. Construction should be completed December 31, 2002, when a new accessible entrance and elevator will be unveiled.

AFB's Migel Medal Awards honor professionals and volunteers for their outstanding service to people who are blind or visually impaired. Listen to live recordings of 2001 award recipients Dr. Otis Stephens and Dr. Ruth Kaarlela; presenters Phil Hatlen, LeRoy Saunders, and Lila Cabbil; and the reading of congratulatory messages by AFB Talking Books narrator L.J. Ganser. http://www.afb.org/info_document_view.asp?documentid=1655


The Hadley School for the Blind offers tuition-free, distance education courses for blind people, their family members and professionals wishing to learn more about blindness and visual impairments.

The Adult Continuing Education Program--If you are over age 14 and are blind, you can take their tuition-free courses at your own pace. The subjects include learning Braille, independent living, recreational activities, and academics including foreign languages, history and mathematics.

The Family Education Program--The Family Education Program focuses on parenting tips, encouraging independence, learning Braille, using technology, advocacy and adjustment to blindness issues.

The Professional Education Program--If you are a professional or paraprofessional working with blind children or adults, you can earn CEU credits for taking the Hadley Schol's tuition-free courses. The subjects in the Professional Program Series include braille, sports and recreation, the human eye and low vision, independent living, personal computers, and advocacy and adjustment to blindness issues.

The High School Program--If you are over age 14 and are blind, you can take tuition-free courses at your own pace and earn your high school degree. The subjects include an accredited range of academic subjects.

For more information, contact Student Services, The Hadley School for the Blind, at 800-526-9909 or by E-mail: student_services@hadley-school.org. Their web site is: http://www.hadley-school.org.

The National Association for the Visually Handicapped <http://www.navh.org> offers high contrast bold stick-ons for computer keys. They offer white background with black letters, or black background with white or yellow letters. Single orders may be placed, or all 3 styles, individually packaged, are available.
Their email is staff@navh.org.

<HotBraille.com> provides tools that enable communication among people with visual impairments, their family and friends. This is the only web-based Braille transcribing service that delivers tangible custom Braille. Using their "Send-Braille" feature, you compose an address and a message on their website. Your message (which cannot exceed 250 words) will be transcribed and sent to the addressee provided free of charge.

Whirlpool Corporation's Special Needs Program offers, at no cost, overlays and knobs in Braille and large print that can make any appliance more manageable for the blind or visually impaired. Phone 800-253-2301 or visit their website <http://www.whirlpool.com/braille/braille.htmls>.


For Women's History Month--Actual Women in Fact & Fiction

Aline, Countess of Romanones. "The Well-Mannered Assassin"--autobiography of a spy. RC 41172.
Alter, Judy. "Libbie"--novel of Custer's widow. RC 39459.
Brown, Rita Mae. "Dolley: a Novel of Dolley Madison in Love and War"--novel of the 4th president's wife. RC 39476.
Coleman, Jane C. "Doc Holliday's Woman"--story of Katie Elder. RC 45606.
Conroy, Sarah Booth. "Refinements of Love: a Novel of Clover and Henry Adams"--story of the historian and his wife. RC 42848.
Cooperstein, Claire. "Johanna: a Novel of the van Gogh Family"--fictional diary of the artist's sister-in-law. RC 42861.
DiPerna, Paulan. "The Discoveries of Mrs. Christopher Columbus"--what if his wife sailed with him? RC 40682.
Dodd, Susan. "Mamaw"--story of Jesse James's mother. RC 29108.
Ernaux, Annie. "A Frozen Woman"--autobiographical novel. RC 43113.
Freedman, Nancy. "Sappho: the Tenth Muse"--ancient Greek poetess tells her story. RC 49809.
George, Margaret. "Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles"--a teenager's bad decisions lose her the crown. RC 36369.
Gibbons, Kaye. "On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon"--story of Emma Garnet's Civil War. RC 47320.
Grimes, Roberta. "My Thomas: A Novel of Martha Jefferson's Life"--story of the 3rd President's wife. RC 37610.
Hansen, Ron. "Hitler's Niece"--Geli Raubal's story. RC 49344.
Korda, Michael. "The Immortals"--novel of Marilyn, Jack & Bobby. RC 35895.
Laker, Rosalind. "The Silver Touch"--novel of London silversmith Hester Bateman. RC 26672.
Mallon, Thomas. "Henry and Clara"--novel of Lincoln's assassination. RC 39477.
Maxwell, Robin. "The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn"--Elizabeth Tudor reads her mother's story. RC 44455.
McMurtry, Larry. "Buffalo Girls''--Calamity Jane & Annie Oakley. RC 31992.
Mendelsohn, Jane. "I Was Amelia Earhart"--the flyer's own story. RC 44456.
Tarr, Judith. "Throne of Isis"--Cleopatra's version of her life RC 39837.
Windle, Janice W. "True Women"--fictionalized family saga. RC 37814.
Windle, Janice W. "Hill Country"--biographical novel of the author's grandmother. RC 48311.

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