A Newsletter of the Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped
Spring 1998 (Volume 15, Number 4)

Gardening: a Potpourri of Gardening Resources

Dealing with Physical Limitations

RC 43253, Enabling Garden: A Guide to Lifelong Gardening.
RC 40311, The Able Gardener: Overcoming Barriers of Age and Physical Limitation.

Companies with Specially Designed Garden Tools

AdaptAbility in Colchester, CT, phone 1-800-288-9941
Enrichments in Bolingbrook, IL, phone 1-800-323-5547
Nicke's Garden Talk in Topsfield, MA, phone 1-800-822-4114
Alsto's Handy Helpers in Galesburg, IL, phone 1-800-447-0048
Living Wall Garden Company in Naples, NY, phone 1-716-374-2340

For Practical Tips

RC 19175, A to Z Gardener's Handbook (raising vegetables)
RC 32077, City Gardener's Handbook (container gardening)
RC 12317, Crockett's Victory Garden (month-by-month guide)
RC 17855, The Essential Earthman (tips for the novice)
RC 21472, Garden Way's Joy of Gardening (step-by-step vegetables)
RC 09687, Grow with Your Plants: the Mother Earth Hassle-Free Way
RC 35814, Landscaping with Wildflowers
RC 22051, The New York Times Book of Annuals and Perennials
RC 21141, The Self-Sufficient Gardener (growing & preserving food)
RC 21079, Square Foot Gardening (save time, space & money)

For the Love of Gardening

RC 29122, Epicurean Gardener
RC 21097, Home Ground: a Gardener's Miscellany
RC 29699, Garden Flower Folklore (history of flowers)
RC 19408, Green Thoughts (garden lore)
RC 36123, One Man's Garden (owner of a small city garden)
RC 16108, Onward and Upward in the Garden (various essays)

[reprinted from The South Carolina State Library News]


If you receive a phone call which begins like this: "You are receiving a relay call. Have you ever had a relay call before?"--please don't hang up. It isn't a sales call--and it may be a member of the Regional Library staff trying to reach you. The voice you hear belongs to a telephone operator who is the line of communication between the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and hearing people. The relay system is a three-way conversation, through which hearing-impaired people can converse over the telephone. In the relay system, telephone operators are equipped with computers that can receive text telephone messages. The operators serve as middlemen, reading the typing aloud for the hearing people, and typing out their responses for the hearing-impaired. So if you receive such a call, please don't hang up. It could be a Regional Library staff member with a question about your service. And if you have a TTY yourself, you may phone the Regional Library directly at 414-286-3548, or use the relay system to phone our toll-free number, 800-242-8822.

In 1997, the Blockbuster video stores began offering 40 DVS Home Videos of Hollywood hits in 9 of their Wisconsin stores. The stores that are carrying the DVS videos were chosen by Blockbuster based on their access to public transportation and centralized location. A list of the 9 Wisconsin stores follows:
Eau Claire: 2165 Highland Mall (715-836-7676)
Glendale: 5900 N. Port Washington Rd. (414-332-5585)
Greenfield: 4595 S. 27th Street (414-281-4666)
Janesville: 2315 W. Court Street (608-754-3141)
Madison: 3451 E. Washington Avenue (608-241-7070)
Milwaukee: 2330 N. Farwell Avenue (414-276-5512)
Oak Creek: 8645 S. Howell Avenue (414-570-0941)
Onalaska: 1220 Crossing Meadows Drive (608-781-8787)
Wausau: 520 S. 17th Avenue (715-842-2209)


Braille recipes: the National Braille Press has just published a two-part braille guide to 75 Betty Crocker and Gold Medal products, complete with recipes and preparation directions. The $15 book may be ordered by phoning 1-800-548-7323. Partially sighted consumers may order individual portions of the guide in large type for free by phoning 1-800-328-6787.

For fans of time-travel romances, how about a few suggestions for Diana Gabaldon read-alikes:
RC 31523 De Hartog, Jan The Centurion.
RC 30968 Deveraux, Jude A Knight in Shining Armor.
RC 10644 Du Maurier, Daphne The House on the Strand.
RC 27090 Erskine, Barbara Lady of Hay.
RC 23888 Finney, Jack Time and Again.
RC 40406 O'Day-Flannery, Constance A Time for Love.
RD 06790 Seton, Anya Green Darkness.
RC 36888 Willis, Connie The Doomsday Book.

Gardening Information on the Internet

Gardening is a popular springtime activity for many people. Both beginner and experienced gardeners can refer to the Internet for many valuable resources, such as the following:

Vegetable Gardening Handbook
In addition to details on more than 150 individual vegetables, the Vegetable Gardening Handbook from the University of Florida also contains sections on irrigation, pests and control, propagation, and soils and fertilizers, as well as links to related documents. This document is one of a series of Homeowner Handbooks from the University of Florida. Other documents in this series include: Beneficial Insects, Food Safety, and the Florida Lawn Handbook.
USDA Home Gardening
The Home Gardening page from the U.S. Department of Agriculture contains many useful gardening resources including the Horticultural Solutions Series (fruits, flowers, lawns and groundcover, vegetables, etc.) and documents on organic vegetable gardening, lawn and garden care, and much more.
The Time-Life Complete Gardener Encyclopedia [link no longer active, December 2002]
This searchable database contains information about almost 3,000 species selected for general use in North American horticultural practice. There are two ways to search this database. Searching by name uses full-text searching technology to find a list of up to sixty plants that are close to the one you are looking for. Searching by attribute allows a search through the database for particular features of plants.

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