A Newsletter of the Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped
(Fall-Winter 1999, Volume 17 Number 2-3)

"Web-Braille Arrives!"

NLS has begun distributing Braille books via the Internet. More than 2,600 Grade 2 Braille books are now available for download or online use by eligible individuals, libraries and schools. Users must provide their own equipment, and have an e-mail address and access to the Internet. Patrons should phone the Regional Library to register; a confirmation letter will be sent to the e-mail address given.
Titles range from BR 8825 to BR 11976. They include adult and children's fiction and nonfiction titles. New titles placed on Web-Braille will be announced in an on-line version of Braille Book Review [BBR]. NLS will explore the feasibility of adding Braille magazines as well.


Carlie Forsythe, a student from the Waupun Middle School in Waupun, was the American Printing House InSights art winner, 2nd place, in the category of grades 7,8,9. Congratulations, Carlie!

Wisconsin readers now have a toll-free phone number available to access Newsline for the Blind. LBPH readers can phone 1-877-775-5901 to listen to the Chicago Tribune, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, the New York Times, or the Washington Post at any time. For an application to use Newsline, please phone the Regional Library, or download it from <

Will readers of the Braille Book Review (BBR) please make sure to write your name on your book order form before sending it in. Otherwise we have no way of knowing who is ordering the titles.


Diabetics, and others using medication that must be kept cool, often face travel limitations. The Frio wallet, used extensively in Europe, is an insulated pouch, activated by submersion in cold water, that can keep insulin cool for up to 45 hours. For further information, contact Totally Cool Ltd., POB 842465, Dallas, TX 75284-2465; toll-free phone 1.888.229.6377; e-mail frio@btinternet.com; website: http://www.friouk.com.

The American Diabetes Association is gathering information as a part of their effort to combat discrimination. Individuals may take the ADA poll at [link no longer active, December 2002] or phone 1-800-DIABETES to receive a written copy to complete.

Speaking of surveys, it once more is time for us to survey you, and find out how we're doing. Please take the time to complete and return the following survey, either by mail or e-mail. Thank you.

BULLETIN BOARD is published four times a year by the Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped. It is available in large print, Braille, and audio-cassette editions. The Wisconsin Regional Library makes no recommendations or endorsements concerning any products or services which may appear in this publication.

Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped
813 West Wells Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233-1436
1-414-286-3045 (in Milwaukee)
1-800-242-8822 (in Wisconsin)
1-414-286-3548 (TDD)
1-414-286-3102 (FAX)
cpirtl@mpl.org or mvalan@mpl.org (e-mail)

Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped

Survey of Readers



Computer Access (Please circle your response):

Do you have access to a computer? YES NO
If so, where?
Public Library_____

If not, do you expect to purchase a computer?
Within the next 6 months_____
1-3 years_____

Do you have access to the Internet? YES_____ NO_____

Do you have an e-mail address? YES_____ NO_____

If so, what is it?______________________________________________

Have you ever used e-mail to submit book requests? YES_____ NO_____


Have you used Newsline? YES_____ NO_____

Have you encountered any problems? YES_____ NO_____

If so, what?_______________________________________________________

Reading Interests:

Are there any authors, genres, or subjects you feel are under-represented in our collection? YES_____ NO_____
If yes, please make your suggestions here:

Staff Service:
Have you phoned or e-mailed the Regional library in the past year? YES_____ NO_____

Have you left a message on voicemail for staff? YES_____ NO_____

Are your calls returned promptly? YES_____ NO_____

Do we need to phone you regarding:
Address change?_____
Reading interest change?_____
Machine problem?_____
Magazine info?_____
Service needs?_____

Thank you for completing this survey.

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