A Newsletter of the Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
(Autumn 1997, Volume 15, Number 2)

"Library of Congress Announces Twenty-Five New Magazines"

Exciting new magazines will soon be available to patrons through the Library of Congress national magazine reading program. Eleven new braille magazines and fourteen new audio magazines will be available to patrons beginning in January 1998 from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS).

Among the new braille magazines are Muse, Spider, and Stone Soup, all children's magazines; Harper's, Health Newsletters (Berkeley Wellness Letter, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, and Harvard Health Letter), Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Martha Stewart Living, PC World, and Rolling Stone, all adult magazines; and Conundrum and Short Stories, both British magazines.

For the first time, NLS will offer some of its recorded magazines on cassette. New cassette magazines include Cricket (on one cassette with National Geographic World), Seventeen, Spider, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and Young Adult Magazine of the Month, all children's and young adult magazines.

New flexible disc magazines include Asimov's Science Fiction, Computer Life, Diabetes Forecast, Discover, Eating Well, Health and Nutrition Newsletters (The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter--Health After Fifty, Nutrition Action Healthletter, Dr. Andrew Weil's Self Healing, and Healthline), The New York Times Book Review, People, and Working Woman.

These new magazines are either additions or substitutions to the Library of Congress magazine reading program. Talking Book Topics and Braille Book Review will include a complete listing of magazine offerings, beginning with the July- August issues, as well as information on subscribing to new magazines. The transition from old to new magazines has been carefully planned to minimize disruption of magazine service. If you are not certain about your magazine subscriptions or wish to order new magazines, please call (1-800-242-8822) for assistance.

The new titles listed above represent the first major modification of the magazine program since 1978. They are the result of a year of work by two national advisory committees and a public opinion research firm.


For a braille or cassette copy of "A Guide to Home Ownership," send $10 to the Fannie Mae Corporation, Customer Education Group, 3900 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016-2899 or phone 1-800-471-5554.

We would like to ask our videotape users to be more careful when removing videotapes from their VCRs. This month we received back four videotapes that were so badly damaged they had to be replaced. This means a considerable length of time that titles are not available to other patrons. Please try to be gentle while inserting or removing videotapes--don't force them in and out.


Cookbooks are among the most popular items of printed material. They range from large hardcover tomes covering every type of food to pamphlets published by community organizations, trade associations, and appliance manufacturers. While there are few, if any, of the comprehensive, bestseller type of cookbook on the Internet, there is an enormous variety of culinary information available, and much of it can be found in some rather unlikely places such as the web sites of television cooking shows, recipe contests, and embassies of foreign nations. The following list represents a sampling of the type of material available, and is a continuation of the listing published in our Summer issue.


Many of the embassies of foreign countries maintain sites on the Internet, and, as part of the cultural information about their country, some include information on the country's food and cuisine, often with recipes.

[Note: as of October 2002, all the links listed here were dead, so they have been eliminated. You may be able to find them again with a search on Google.]
Food in Brazil
Cape Verde Cuisine
Italian Cuisine Traditional Recipes (in Italian)
Norway Food
Cooking Uruguayan

Other Ethnic Recipe Sites

Australian Recipes
Flavor of Cuba
Filipino Cuisine
Indian Recipes
Irish Cuisine
Japanese Recipe Collection
New Zealand Recipes
Thai Recipes
Turkish Cuisine
La Cocina Venezolana

Food Festivals and Other Related Events

Abundance across America

Trade Associations

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Almond Board of California
American Dairy Association
American Dry Bean Board
California Avocado Commission
California Macadamia Society
California Walnut Marketing Board
Idaho Bean Commission Recipes
Maine Potato Board
Maple Promotion Board
National Pasta Association
Quebec Maple Syrup Producers Federation
Texas Beef Council

Other Organizations

American Diabetes Association
California Culinary Academy
Professional Chef's Culinary Assistant
Vegetarian Pages

University-Based Cooking Sites

Agrigator: Agricultural and Related Information Index
Cardiff University of Wales
Dinner Co-op Recipe Collection
Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System (FAIRS)
Food Operations Recipe Collection
MSU-Bozeman Library: Agricultural Databases
Mississippi State recipes
National Dairy Database
The Network Cookbook (University of British Columbia)
Recipe Index from North Carolina State
Recipes from Millsaps College (Jackson, Mississippi)
SOAR: Searchable Online archive of Recipes
The University of Minnesota Recipe Gopher
Veggies Unite

Specific Foods

The Bagel Page
The Book of Tofu
Egg Farm Dairy Cook Booklet
French cheese: history, variety, taste, tips
Goat Cheese
Ice Cream Recipes and Links
An Ode to Olives
On-line Turkey Recipes
Pasty Recipes
Salmon Recipes
The Strawberry Facts Page
The Village Bakery

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