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"Words on Cassette" (New Providence, NJ: Bowker, 2002) is a comprehensive catalog of available spoken-word cassettes; it includes a subject index and a list of publishers' names and addresses. It should be available in larger libraries.

Alcoholics Anonymous material is available in audio and braille formats from a number of sources:

Ash Grove Audiobook Exchange has over 3,500 abridged and unabridged titles and their system allows readers to exchange old audiobooks for new, for a small service charge., provides downloadable spoken word audio, including audiobooks, newspapers, magazines and radio shows.

Audio Adventures: large selection of abridged and unabridged popular titles available for rental; price is based on the length of the recording; there is an on-line catalog but it uses frames so it may not be accessible to all browsers.

Audio Bible offers the complete King James Bible, narrated by Alexander Scourby, in downloadable RealAudio format. They also sell a portable Audio Bible with a keyboard that uses braille characters for easy access.

Audio Book Company sells a variety of audiobooks on cassette, some unabridged. The web site offers brief excerpts from some books in RealAudio format.

Audio Book sales and rental.

Audio Editions sells audio books on cassette and CD, with over 7,000 abridged and unabridged titles available; their online catalog is searchable and browsable. sells audiobooks online; it has a catalog searchable by author, title or reader; they sell used tapes and accept trade-ins.

Audio Books
3574 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Audio Diversions: 4,500 fiction, business, professional, motivational and inspirational books for sale or rent.

Audio Passages "offers members an extensive catalog of Christian audiobook titles including titles relating to Christian living, Christian fiction, biographies, marriage and family, relationships and self-improvement."

"The Audio Studio for the Reading Impaired [Anchorage, KY] is a non-profit agency devoted to producing recordings of printed material for anyone who is physically unable to read standard print or unable to hold a book. While we record books, magazines, and newspapers for Talking Book Libraries, our unique focus is a one-on-one relationship with individuals who have special needs for materials not recorded elsewhere." They charge a small fee for each item recorded.

Audio Theater has an excellent collection of links to distributors of audio theater and spoken word recordings, recorded drama theaters and groups, audio theater on the web and other audio book publishers and bookstores.

AudioUniverse sells audio books online, with a searchable or browsable catalog and over 1,000 RealAudio samples.

The Bible Foundation lists sources of the Bible on cassette or CD-Rom.

The Bible, in several English versions and translated into half a dozen languages, is available as MP3 downloads or CD-ROM's from AudioTreasure.

Blackstone Audiobooks: Unabridged Recordings of Great Books: over 1,300 titles--fiction, history, biography, adventure. Online, browsable catalog.

Books on Tape: 4,500 unabridged books on cassette for rent or sale; online catalog:
P.O. Box 7900
Newport Beach, CA 92658
800-626-3333 is an online store for audio books, with a catalog searchable by author, title and reader. [The opening page uses Javascript and mouseovers that might annoy people using screen readers.]

Calibre Recorded Books for the Blind serves blind, partially sighted and print-disabled people in the United Kingdom and Eire; they have over 6,000 recorded titles.

Choice Magazine Listening is a bi-monthly audio anthology of material culled from over 100 current magazines. It is free to people who are blind, visually impaired or unable to read because of other physical limitations.

CIL Audiobooks are self-study tapes designed for use by persons experiencing vision loss or who are without sight. CIL Teaching Manuals are textbooks providing lesson plans for use by instructors of people who are blind or visually impaired.

"Computer Folks" is a monthly cassette magazine for blind computers users, written by blind computer users; a single issue is $2.00 and a one-year subscription is $24.00:
Richard Ring
269 Terhune Avenue
Passaic, NJ 07055
Phone: 201-471-4211 has downloadable old-time radio shows and audio books.

Educational Tape Recording for the Blind and Learning Disabled (Chicago, IL) records and loans text books for students from elementary school through Ph.D. in the United States. The cost is an annual registration fee of $75.00 and cassette replacement cost is $2.50. Their master library contains approximately 10,000 titles covering all subjects.

"A Field Guide for the Sight-impaired Reader: A Comprehensive Resource for Students, Teachers, and Librarians (Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1999)," by Andrew Leibs, gives some idea of the information sources, including cassette books, available to visually-handicapped readers.

The Growler Tapes Audio Adventures!: children's original audiocasettes using "a huge palette of effects, sound design, music, kids, unusual voices and audio environments all focused to maximize the storytelling power of sound"; 24 titles, on-line catalog.

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics makes a number of its popular publications available on audio tape for people who cannot use ordinary print.

High Bridge Audio: books on audiocassette and spoken-word audio, "including nearly every Garrison Keillor title." Their on-line catalog was under construction as of Feb. 4, 1999.

Home Readers provides recorded catalogs, cookbooks and magazines on tape for blind and visually impaired people.

LA Theatre Works has about two hundred recorded plays on cassette, very reasonably priced, with outstanding actors in the roles. A printed catalog is available by request; a partial catalog is available online.

Listening Library: Unabridged Audio for all Ages emphasizes children's chapter books and young-adult titles. has combined several companies in one portal [heavily graphic, but all the images are ALT-tagged; it seems to be navigable from the keyboard too]:,, and the Audio Book Club. It sells downloadable audio books and old-time radio programs.

"The National Talking Express is a monthly stereo tape magazine for the blind and visually impaired. It was launched in 1979 and was the first tape magazine in the UK to go stereo. It has a national and international membership."

Nightingale-Conant produces audiobooks on learning, motivation, psychology, sales, self-help and spiritual development.

North Word Press: audio books on nature and ecology.
P.O. Box 1360
Minocqua, WI 54548

The Publishing Mills Audiobooks has over 100 titles in a variety of genres, including fiction, mystery, biography, humor, science fiction and fantasy.

Radio Spirits is a great resource for information about old-time radio programs and for recordings of the shows, including a huge collection of "Old Time Radio's Greatest Shows" on twenty ninety-minute casettes.

Recorded Books, Inc. offers 2,000 unabridged titles for rent, as well as online audio interviews with some of their authors; there is a searchable on-line catalog but the heavy use of tables for visual effect may make the site inaccessible to some browsers.

Recorded Periodicals, a Division of Associated Services for the Blind, offers paid subscriptions to several dozen periodicals recorded in NLS cassette format, including "Fortune" and "Scientific American." Recorded Periodicals is now offering three more recorded magazines: "The Family Handyman," "The New Yorker" and "O, The Oprah Magazine." Subscriptions are $36.00 per year. They also sell some of the most popular Alcoholics Anonymous titles in recorded cassette format. A catalog is available online.

Recordings for Recovery lends audiocassettes to nursing homes, hospitals and homebound individuals for a small annual membership fee; has a library of 750 titles including music, nature and sound effects and musical selections:
222 E. Main St.
Midland, MI 48640-5114
Phone: 517-832-0784., a joint project of the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind and Reel Books Internet, Inc., offers over 16,000 audio books for sale on-line, plus audio samples and discounts. has free audio downloads of excerpts from a wide variety of spoken word texts.

Salon Audio: brief downloadable audio selections of classic and contemporary texts. The site is not very accessible to blind users.

"Soundaround" (UK) is a free monthly 90-minute cassette magazine for visually handicapped people; past programs are available as web audio.

"Soundings is a free, impartial and editorially independent monthly information service for anyone in the United Kingdom who has a visual-impairment--whether they are registered or not." "Soundings explores all aspects of living with a visual-impairment in our mainly sighted world." It is also available online on ACB Radio.

The Suncoast Library for the Blind lends free tape cassettes (radio shows, music and recorded books) to blind and handicapped people throughout the U.S.:
401 5th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Phone: 813-896-0904.

Talking American Legion Magazine: in NLS cassette format, available free to blinded veterans; contact Lane Cameron 317-630-1272.

Talking Book World says it has 75,000 titles to sell or rent.

"The Talking Newspaper Association of the UK (TNAUK) is a registered charity which provides national and local newspapers and magazines on audio tape, computer disk, e-mail and CD-ROM for visually impaired and disabled people who find reading a strain. Local newspapers and magazines are supplied free of charge by over 520 local talking newspaper groups which are affiliated to TNAUK but are autonomous."

Taped Editions rents audio books from a selection of more than 7,000 titles.

Members of the American Legion who are also enrolled with a local library for the blind are eligible to receive the "Talking American Legion Magazine" recorded on 4-track cassette. Contact:
"Talking American Legion Magazine"
P.O. Box 1055
Indianapolis, IN 46206.

The Teaching Company: "Enjoy college-level learning in just minutes a day, and for just a few dollars per lecture. Shop on-line for easy-to-use noncredit courses in philosophy, music, history, literature, science, business and economics, psychology, religion and more. View our recent releases. Most are available in audio or video format."

Village Story Tapes: audio book mail order rentals and sales; over 1,000 titles, 40% unabridged.

VISIONS offers self-study cassettes in basic indoor mobility, housekeeping skills, personal management, and sensory development; and, instructor manuals in orientation and mobility, personal management, sewing, and sensory development.

Wisconsin DVR has a list of Reader/Taping Services for people wanting a particular book taped for personal use.

The Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped Media Center serves all visually impaired students in Wisconsin. Students and teachers from other schools may borrow WSVH Media Center materials by requesting specific items using the state-wide interlibrary loan system or by calling the WSVH Media Center Directly. The WSVH Media Center's collections include braille, twin-vision, 4-track cassettes, 2-track cassettes, large print, regular print and descriptive videos. [Note to Wiscat searchers: limit location to WSVH by using location field; enter "Wis Sch Vis Hand."]
Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped
1700 West State Street
Janesville, WI 53546
Phone: 608-758-6118.

Womyn's Braille Press, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) has been producing feminist literature in accessible formats since 1981; in 1997 they presented a collection of their output in braille and recorded form to the Florida Library for the Blind, where it is available to eligible readers by interlibrary loan from your local Library for the Blind.
Contact the Womyn's Braille Press directly at:
Phone: 612-872-4352

The Audiobooks Web Ring lists the sites of twenty audiobook publishers.

Audio Publishers Association lists more than fifty publishers of audiobooks and more than a dozen resellers and renters.

Terry's World of Audiobooks has an excellent set of links (and toll-free numbers) to audiobook rental companies and audiobook web sites.

There are a number of audiobook clubs that operate like ordinary book clubs:

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