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Last revision: November 12, 2002

This list is intended as a quick-reference index to a wide variety of adaptive computer hardware and software, as well as many other sorts of adaptive equipment for blind or visually handicapped people, including magnifiers and reading machines. It also includes references to retailers and other sources of information about all sorts of adaptive equipment. Given the rapid growth of the field, the Index cannot be comprehensive; it is as up to date as I can make it, but inevitably there will be dead links and some outdated models of equipment. For each category, however, it does cover most of the the spectrum of possibilities.


Biolink Accessible MP3 Player.


ALVA 544 Satellite: HumanWare.

Braille Lite M20 and M40: notetakers with 20- and 40-cell refreshable braille displays: Freedom Scientific.

Braille Lite 40: notetaker with 40-cell refreshable braille display: Freedom Scientific.

Braille Lite 2000: notetaker and 18-cell refreshable braille display: Freedom Scientific.

BrailleStream: Adaptive Innovations: braille output for call centers.

Braille Voyager 44 and Braille Voyager 70, from Tiemans: HumanWare.

Braillex EL, EL 2D-80, EL-80, EL-2d 40, EL-2d 66, EL 40p, Tiny, Braille In: (all from Papenmeier): Sighted Electronics: [2/01]

Delphi MultiMedia 440 and 480: HumanWare.

Eureka A4Professional Upgrade: Robotron.

Optacon: C. A. Technology, Inc. is developing an updated, portable version of the Optacon reading maching for the blind, the P2RD, that will incorporate a digital camera, optical character recognition and speech output as well as the tactile output that endeared the Optacon to so many users.

Power Braille 40: Ai Squared.

SuperBraille 2000: laptop with keyboard and braille display: Advanced Access Devices.

Type Lite: notetaker and 40-cell refreshable braille display: Freedom Scientific.

VideoTIM, a video camera and a refreshable display of 256 tactile dots.

Refreshable braille graphic display with 3,072 pins; has zoom and scroll functions.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has created a "prototype graphic display [that] conveys scanned illustrations, map outlines or other graphical images to the fingertips, and can translate images displayed on Internet Web pages or in electronic books. It uses refreshable tactile graphic display technology, allowing a person to feel a succession of images on a reusable surface."


Basic-D: Sighted Electronics. [2/01]

Basic-S: Sighted Electronics. [2/01]

Braille Blazer: Freedom Scientific. [2/01]

Everest: Sighted Electronics. [2/01]

Impacto-600: Sighted Electronics. [2/01]

Index 4X4 Pro: Sighted Electronics. [2/01]

Ohtsuki BT-5000: prints braille and print simultaneously.

Porta-Thiel: Sighted Electronics. [2/01]

Porta-Thiel Interpoint: Sighted Electronics. [2/01]

TranSend LT: produces print and braille on same page: Enabling Technologies.

Tiger Advantage: tactile graphics and braille on same sheet: ViewPlus. [2/01]

VersaPoint Duo Interpoint Embosser with Speech: Freedom Scientific. [2/01]

Resource Directory: National Library Service, "Braille Embossers" (2000).


BrailleMaster Braille Publishing Software: Robotron.



Cipher: Dolphin Computer Access.

Mavis mathematics braille translation software.




Sensus Braille: Multilingual, Bi-directional, 6- and 8-dot braille translation.


Aladdin Classic: color and black and white models: Telesensory.

Aladdin Companion : Telesensory.

Aladdin Genie Pro: works with computer: Telesensory.

Aladdin Pro+: Telesensory.

Aladdin Pro 75: Telesensory.

Aladdin Rainbow: Telesensory.

Aladdin Rainbow Pro: Telesensory.

Aladdin Ultra: Telesensory.

Aladdin Ultra Pro 75: Telesensory.

Ash Products: handheld CCTV magnifiers: TviZoom, Liberty, OPTi, Liberty Plus; table model, Prisma.

Black & White Auto-Focus 1200: Vision Technology.


CLARITY AF SVGA: works with computer.

CLARITY Classmate: Clarity Solutions.

CLARITY SVGA Flex: Clarity Solutions: uses computer video monitor.

CLARITY Travelmate: Clairty Solutions.

Clearview: Star, Spectrum and Bright models: Tieman.

ClearView 700: Optelec.

Closeup: magnifies and speaks text: BreaTech:

Color Auto-Focus 2000: Vision Technology.


Excel Color Video Magnifier with Computer Link: Vision Technology.

500 Color and 200 B&W, handheld CCTV's: Vision Technology.


Freedom Machine 1700 Color: Vision Technology.

Freedom Vision Prisma: Freedom Vision.


Keeler NuVision: head-mounted: A. T. Kratter.

Liberty: portable: Freedom Vision.

Liberty Plus: Freedom Vision.

Magni-Cam TRIAD: Innoventions, Inc.: displays on portable monitor, head-mounted display, television monitor or computer monitor.

Magnilink: Sighted Electronics, Inc.

Millennium: VideoEye.

Millennium II: VideoEye.

MiniViewer: Telesensory.

Optelec: black and white, color and computer compatible magnifiers.

OPTI: notebook PC-compatible: Freedom Vision.

Outlook Color: Telesensory.

OVAC: handheld and desktop readers.

Primer: low-cost CCTV; Magnicam.

Prisma: Ash Products: handheld CCTV magnifiers.

Scan and View converts a computer and scanner into a CCTV: Premier Programming Solutions.

Smartview: works with computer: Pulse Data.

SuperVista: Telesensory.

Talking Table (reading machine and coffee table): Brea Technical.

Tru-View [available from ILA].

Ash Products: handheld CCTV magnifiers: TviZoom.

VideoEye: VideoEye.

VisAbility: ZoomText [not a CCTV; uses scanner and PC for magnification].

Vista PCI: Telesensory.

VM600: camera only: Telesensory.

VM700: camera only: Telesensory.




PwEMail: isSound.

Talking E-mail Version 2.0: 4Developers.


Accessible Games.

Audyssey Magazine for blind gamers.


The Darkside: text-based computer games.

ESP Softworks.

Free Speech Friendly BaseBall for Win95/98.

GMA Games.

KChess: three levels of chess games.

Jim Kitchen writes computer games for both DOS and Windows.

Personal Computer Systems.

Speech Friendly Games: Monopoly and dice.

Zform writes interactive online games.

The VI Guide to computer guide lists other accessible games and discusses what makes a mainstream game accessible.


Casco Products: wireless keyboard with numeric keypad (Model ACK240RF), suitable for use with screen readers.

Cyberlink MindMouse: uses brainwaves.

Hooleon Corporation: braille, large print and combination braille/large print keyboard overlays:

Kid Glove: large print and high visibility keyboard overlays.

Screen Rover: tactile motorized mouse: Betacom.

SuperBraille 2000: laptop with keyboard and braille display: Advanced Access Devices.

TouchSense tactile feedback mouse: Immersion.

Virtual Touch System: combines mouse and braille display: VirTouch Ltd.


Webwatch: WWW and disabilities: to subscribe, send mail to with the phrase in the body of the message

Blindgamers: all types of computer games: to subscribe, send a blank email to:


Aria Braille Palmtop: Robotron.

Braille Lite M20 and M40: notetakers with 20- and 40-cell refreshable braille displays: Freedom Scientific.

Braille Lite 40: notetaker with 40-cell refreshable braille display: Freedom Scientific.

Braille Lite 2000: notetaker and 18-cell refreshable braille display: Freedom Scientific.

BrailleNote: Humanware.

Braille 'n Speak: Freedom Scientific.

Type Lite: notetaker and 40-cell refreshable braille display: Freedom Scientific.

Type 'n Speak: Freedom Scientific.



Linux Handicap Accessibility.


ZipSpeak: speaking version of Linux.
to download:


OBR (optical braille recognition): Sighted Electronics. [2/01]

Aladdin Ambassador: stand-alone reading machine: Telesensory.

Cicero: Dolphin Computer Access.

EzVIP software: Jbliss Imaging Systems.

FineReader 6.0: Abby.

Galileo Reading System: Robotron.

Librette, complete system: Jbliss Imaging Systems.

Portset Reader: Portset.

Portset Reader: Technologies for the Visually Impaired.

Pronto: Robotron.

Quicktionary Reading Pen: Seiko Instruments.

Rainbow Reading Machine: Robotron.

Reading AdvantEdge: software: Telesensory.

Reading Edge: stand-alone, portable: Telesensory.

Reading Pen II: Wizcom Technologies.

Recognita: OCR software [will scan braille].

Scan-a-Word: BrightEye Technology.

Scan and Read Pro and Lite(both include a speech engine).

Scan and Read to Go: portable reading machine: Premier Programming Solutions.

Text Cloner: same as above but without speech engine.


VIP software: Jbliss Imaging Systems.

VisAbiity: enlarges output of scanner: Ai Squared.


BEAM XVI for Linux X-Windows: screen magnifier and screen reader.

BigShot: magnifies whole screen up to 200%: AiSquared.

Eye Relief: magnifier and word processor: SkiSoft, Inc.

ezVIP: scanning and magnification: JBliss Imaging Systems.

Gnopernicus: open source screen reader/magnifier.

InLARGE 2.1: for Macintosh.

LP-DOS: GW Micro, Inc. [not listed anywhere on this site].

Large Print Windows 7.1: DOS, Windows 9x: Visionware Software, Inc.

Large Print Windows with Speech 7.1: DOS, Windows 9x: Visionware Software, Inc.

Lunar: Dolphin Computer Access.

MAGic 8.0: for Windows 95/98/ME/NT: Freedom Scientific.

MAGic Deluxe.

Magnify It: freeware screen magnifier: Premier Programming Solutions.

Magnum 95 {Windows 95 and 3.1; DOS).

Magnus: Screen Reader.

Make_It_Larger: enlarges text or image in Windows applications.

Meta-Mouse: A Large PC Cursor: Cylex.

ProVision32 for Windows NT 3.51/4.0, Windows 2000 Professional Version 3.x: Biolink.


Supernova (includes Orpheus speech synthesizer; can be installed on network server): Dolphin Computer Access.

Supervista: Windows 98, 95, 3.1, DOS: Telesensory.

VIP: scanning and magnification: Jbliss Imaging Systems.

Vista PCI: Windows NT, 98, 95, DOS: Telesensory.

ZoomPower 1.1 Beta for Windows 95/98: shareware.

ZoomText for DOS: Ai Squared.

ZoomText Xtra 7.03: for Windows 95, 98, NT/2000: Ai Squared.


ASAP (Automatic Screen Access Program) [for DOS]: MicroTalk.

ASAW (Automatic Screen Access for Windows: MicroTalk.

BEAM XVI for Linux: screen magnifier and screen reader.

BrailleStream: Adaptive Innovations: speech output for call centers.

Connect Outloud: screen reader, speech and braille output: Freedom Scientific.

DRACULAwin: for Windows 95/98 and Office 97; supports voice (French) and braille: Eurobraille.

Emacspeak 16.0 (CleverDog): speech output for Unix/Linux, with extensions for a web browser, news reader, mail reader and terminal emulator; support for ViaVoice.

Gnopernicus: open source screen reader/magnifier.

Hal (includes Orpheus speech synthesizer): Dolphin Computer Access.

JawBone:software interface for Jaws and Dragon NaturallySpeaking: NGT,Inc.

JAWS for Windows: Freedom Scientific.

JAWS for Windows Mailing List Home Page.

KeyRead (for beginning Mac or Windows users): R. J. Cooper.

LookOUT: Screen Reader.

OutSPOKEN 3.0: for Windows 9x and ME: Alva Access Group.

OutSPOKEN 9.0: for Macintosh: Alva Access Group.

Protalk 32 for Windows 9x, NT 3.51/4.0, Windows 2000: Biolink.

ReadPlease: MoneyTree Software Company.

Simply Talker 98: for Windows ME, 98 and 95: EconoNet International, Inc.

Simply Talker 2000: for Windows 2000, NT4 (SP6), ME, 98, 95:EconoNet International, Inc.

SpeaktoMe and TalkPad.

Speakup: screen reader for Linux, v-0.09 [great logo: the Linux penguin with shades and a guide dog!].

Supernova (includes Orpheus speech synthesizer; can be installed on network server): Dolphin Computer Access.

TextHelp! Read & Write.

UltraSonix: for X-Windows.

Virgo NT: based on Microsoft Screen Access Model: Baum Engineering.

Vocal-Eyes: GW Micro, Inc.

"WebSound is an extended visual Web browser for visually impaired and blind computer users. In conjuction with a graphic tablet or a touch sensitive screen, blind users can perform an 'audio-haptic exploration' of an HTML document in order to understand not only its content but also its 2D visual information (i.e. the document layout)." ICAD2000/PDFs/PetrucciPHRAP.pdf

Window-Eyes 4.0: GW Micro, Inc.

WINKLiNE: Speech Systems for the Blind.

WinVision: Artic Technologies.

ZipSpeak: talking mini-distribution of Linux.

ZoomText Xtra 7.03: for Windows 95, 98, NT/2000: Ai Squared.

Screen Readers: Bibliography

"Possible Enhancements on Screen Readers for the Blind," by Jaap van Lelieveld, for the European Blind Union Commission of Technical Devices and Services.


The software in this section is of several different types: software produced for the general public that is usable by blind people with a minimum of adaptive equipment; software designed especially for blind people; and software produced for the general public that also has special features that make it more easily usable by blind people too.

Accessible calculators: for standard, business and scientific applications; includes graph interpreter: Premier Programming Solutions.

Accessible Graphing Calculator: ViewPlusSoftware, Inc.

Adobe PDF.

Artificial Neural Net text-only program.

Biolink MP3 Player: Biolink.

Blind Programming Site.

Association of C and C++ Users.

CartWorks VIO: digital audio system for blind broadcasters: dbm Systems, Inc.

Dart: Digital Audio Restoration Technology.

Funk in the Trunk Virtual Car Stereo: Self-voicing media player for MP3 and WAV files, as well as audio CD's.

Genealogy Programs for the Blind: a review.

Gnome: disability access.

Charles Hallenbeck's home page links to a dozen DOS and LINUX programs including Turbo Braille for Linux.

Java Access Bridge 1.0.1: Sun Microsystems.

Java Accessibility Helper (test tool): Sun Microsystems.

JavaSpeak Project.

Microsoft Accessibility Web Site.

Microsoft Office 2000.

IRMUSICO:musical patterns from IR spectra and chromatograms.

MultiMail, for Windows 3.x/95; 98/2000.

NoteTab: text editor and HTML coding tool, with features especially designed for blind users. Accessibility Project.

Pulse MP3 Player, shareware, works well with any screen reader, created by Justin Daubenmire.

Ronolog: for internet relay chat (IRC): The Hephaestus Project.

pwSpeech: isSound.

SETI: Search Engine Technology Interface: accessible search engine.

Speaking Clock, supports 25 languages.

Sweet MIDI: MIDI player completely accessible from the keyboard.

Talking Balance 1:reads Ohaus electronic lab balances.

Talking Caller ID.

Text-Mode RealMedia Player (TRPlayer).

Verbal-eyes: tool for creating and using electronic forms: FutureForms.

The vOICe Mail:send images and soundscapes by email.

Webferret: accessible search engine.

Wordtalk: talking word processor:


Accent PC and Accent SA: internal and external: AICOM.

Apollo: internal and external: Dolphin Computer Access.

Artic Spirit: Artic Technologies.

Artic SynPhonix P27: Artic Technologies.

Artic TransBook: Artic Technologies.

Artic Transport: Artic Technologies.

DECtalk Express (portable external unit).

DECtalk PC2 (internal card).

Doubletalk: internal and external versions: Access Solutions.

Doubletalk PC: Access Solutions.

Dolphin Computer Access.

ETI-Eloquence: SpeechWorks.

KeyNote Multi-Media [software]: HumanWare, Inc.

Keynote Gold SA [external]: HumanWare, Inc.

Litetalk: MicroTalk Software.

Messenger-IC [PCMCIA]: AICOM.

Microsoft Speech Engine: Microsoft.

Mini TransPort 1000: Artic.

Natural Voices: AT&T.

Orpheus: Dolphin Computer Access.

PortSpeak Text to Speech Synthesizer: Portset.

Proverbe and Proverbe Lite: multilinguial software synthesizers: Visuaide.

RealSpeak: Scansoft.

SmarTalk: Automated Functions, Inc.

SoftVoice: isSound.

Sounding Board: GW Micro.

Speak-Out: GW Micro.

Speaqualizer: American Printing House for the Blind.

Speechify: SpeechWorks.

Spirit: Artic.

SynPhonix P27: Artic.

TransPort Classic: Artic.

Triple-Talk PCI: internal and external: Access Solutions.

True Voice: bundled with Zoomtext screen magnification software.

Voice Card [PCMCIA II]: HumanWare, Inc.

Links to nine speech synthesiser manufacturers.

Interactive Speech Synthesizer Comparison Site, Linguistic Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania.


LpStudio and LpPlayer: isSound.


AcuVoice, included with WordPerfect Suite 8.0.

Biolink Accessible Document Reader: reads text, records speech output in MP3 format.

Closeup: speaks and magnifies:

Digalo (SAPI engine)[for all major European languages]:

DocMorph: on-line convertor: National Library of Medicine.

Text-toAudio: text to MP3 or WAV: Premier Programming Solutions.

iSpeak: Fonix.


ReadPlease: ReadPlease 2000 is freeware; ReadPlease NetPro is $49.95; by MoneyTree Software.

ScreenReader 4: textHELP!.

Streambox Magic Spell: for instant messages.

TextAloud: text to MP3, by NextUp Technologies.

TexTalk: Compusult Limited.

Text-to-Audio: Premier Programming Solutions.

Text To Wave (Converts Text Files to Wave, MP3 or WMA Files):

Willow TALK: Willow Pond [not accepting on-line orders for retail products as of August 2000].

WordAloud: Cloudworld Ltd.



FreeSpeech 2000: Phillips.

IN CUBE Enhanced Access: Command Corp. Inc.

JawBone:software interface for Jaws and Dragon NaturallySpeaking: NGT, Inc.

IBM ViaVoice.

ScansoftAudioMining: converts spoken words in media into a text index.

Scansoft Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Wave To Text v1.5 (Speech recognition dictation pad with speech recorded wave file to text converter):


Bobby: Watchfire.

WAVE 2.01: Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology.


Access gateway transforms otherwise inaccessible sites:


BrailleSurf: French version, INSERM-Creare.

BrailleSurf: English version.


CONNECT Outloud: Freedom Scientific.

Emacspeak 16.0.

everypath: [telephone browser].

Freedom Box: voice-activated browser.

FreeSpeech Browser: Phillips.

HeyAnita: voice activated browser via telephone.

IBM Home Page Reader.

ILIAD: Johnson Space Center.

Internet Access Plus: Biolink.


Lynx for Win32.

Lynx Viewer.

MultiWeb, for Windows 3.x/95/98/2000.

myIvan: Intelligent Voice Animated Navigator: freeware.

Premier Programming Solutions MP3Player: full access from the keyboard, voice access to be added later.

pwTelephone: isSound.

pwWebSpeak: isSound [discontinued as of January 2001; an unsupported download is available at].


SETI: Search Engine Technology Interface [accessible search engine interface].

Simply Web 2000: EconoNet International, Inc.

VIP Browser: Jbliss Imaging Systems.

WebSound: Computer Vision Group and Multimedia, University of Geneva. [A browser with which "in conjunction with a graphic tablet or a touch sensitive screen, blind users can perform an 'audio-haptic exploration' of an HTML document in order to understand not only its content but also its 2D visual information (i.e the document layout)."] [the page was empty on Oct. 24, 2002].

WebSpeak: talking browser: Portset.

Web Speakster: shareware.

WebWizard V1.23: add-on for Internet Explorer 5.x.: BAUM Software.

WeMedia Browser: WeMedia [free download, enlarges and speaks].


Wordtalk: speaks text as it is typed:


Adaptive Technology Resource Centre--Library: web accessibility, distance education.

The National Braille Press publishes numerous titles dealing with adaptive technology and computer software.

Disabilities and Computing Program, UCLA: great source of information, including reviews of technology.

Screen Magnifiers Homepage: source of reviews, comprehensive and objective reports of latest research .

See also the numerous sources brought together in the Computers section of The Blind Readers Page.


Tech Connections.

Wistech program [Wisconsin].


AccessAbility: Southern California, Northwest (Oregon), Midwest (Kansas), Mid Atlantic (Virginia).
10312 Corryton Court
Manassas, VA 20110

Adapted Computers
1609 South Roosevelt Pl.
Kennewick, WA 99337
Phone: 509-783-7280
FAX: 509-735-2580

Aroga Group Low Vision and Blindness Products (North Vancouver, B.C.).

Blinksoft Consulting (West Valley City, UT).
BA Software (Tupper Lake, NY) is a reseller of adaptive equipment and software for blind and dyslexic persons, audio production equipment and software, mainstream computing equipment and software, and a developer and dealer of both commercial and custom software for science and business.

Blinksoft Technologies (Spokane, WA).

BRL, Inc. (Fayetteville, GA).

Disability Specialtys (Saint Albans, WV)

Eyecom (Arlington, VA).
[no web site, October 2002]

Ferguson Enterprises (Manchester, SD).

F1-Key, LLC (Omaha, NB).

FreedomBox sells a computer with voice recognition that allows a "disabled user full access to the Internet just by talking" to the computer. They also sell word processing, scanning and typing tutor programs that are voice-operated.

Freedom of Speech, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)

Keyboard Alternatives & Vision Solutions (Santa Rosa, CA).

Mons International, Inc.
6595 Roswell Rd. #224
Atlanta, GA 30328

ShrinkWrap Computer Products: reading machines, screen readers, braille output.

Synapse Adaptive: speech recognition, vision products; library access workstations (San Rafael, CA).br>

Talking PC (Shelter Island, NY).

Technologies for the Visually Impaired (Hauppauge, NY).


Adaptive Information Systems sells adaptive computer technology for visually impaired and reading disabled people. They have two locations in Wisconsin offering hands-on demonstrations of their software and hardware for speech, large print and braille access:
Rod Maccoux
424 Schwartz Street
Green Bay, WI 54302-3232
Phone or Fax: 920-469-5502.
Phone toll free: 1-800-792-4768.
Roger Behm
1611 Clover Lane
Janesville, WI 53545
Phone: 608-758-0933.
Toll-free: 877-792-4768.

Adaptive Technology Resources (Grafton) sells adaptive equipment for blind and low vision people, including reading machines, voice technology and closed circuit television magnifiers.
921 Vista Lane
Grafton, WI 53024
Phone: 800-770-8474.
Fax: 262-375-6777.

LAB Resources (Pewaukee): Computer Products for Education and Assistive Technology: software and hardware for special needs and education:
112 Main Street Pewaukee, WI 53072 Phone: 262-691-3476. Fax: 262-691-4193. Email:

Phillips Magnification: reading machines, adaptive computer hardware and software, CCTV magnifiers:
11102 Artesian, #202
Chicago, IL 60655
Phone: 773-881-8581.
Phone: 800-982-0226 (Midwest Only)

Zerrecon, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI) is a consulting firm that provides engineering and rehabilitation services, including assistive technology such as screen readers and enlargers. 1549 N. 51st St. Milwaukee, WI 53208-2216 Phone: 414-771-7140. Fax: 414-771-7146. E-mail:

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